Long Term Community Housing (LTCH)

Program Details and Purposes

REACH Limited, through the Long Term Housing Program, provides appropriate and affordable housing that is secure, for eligible persons in remote, regional and urban areas, whose needs are not adequately met by other housing options.

Same House Different Landlord (SHDL)

Program Details and Purposes

REACH Limited, through the SHDL Program, gives assistance by leasing properties from the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy, to enable the delivery of housing assistance to eligible persons, so that they can transition to longer term social housing without having to relocate to another dwelling.

The SHDL Program is a Transitional Housing program that provides intensively managed assistance, based on assessed need, until such time as the household can maintain an independent tenancy in the social housing sector. The tenant and property are transferred back to the Department, and a replacement property and tenant are then sourced by the Department, for REACH Limited.