REACH Limited is a not for profit company registered with the Australian Charities and not-for-profits Commission ABN: 29 099 603 193 . REACH Limited is governed by a Board of Directors who hold honorary positions and may consist of up to 9 members. Board Members are elected by the financial members of the Organisation at the AGM held in November. If you are interested in becoming a member of REACH Limited or would like more information about becoming a member, please refer to the membership tab of this page.

The REACH Board consists of a number of professional local community members bringing a broad range of skills to the table, currently we have the following skill set within our Board members local business owners, accountant, ex local council member, Justice of the Peace and a broad cross section of community skill sets. 

The members of the Board hold the following positions:
  • Chairperson/Secretary – Gary Fidler 
  • Vice Chairperson – Courtney Blamires
  • Treasurer – Sandra Kernke
  • Director – Barry Hare
  • Director – Anne Schmidt
  • Director – Rod Green
  • Director – vacant
  • Director – vacant
  • Director – vacant
Compulsory Director Identification Numbers: 

As of 5th April 2022, all new directors must apply for a Director ID Number prior to any appointment. Directors waiting for an application to be processed are still able to attend meetings as an observer. If you are interested in becoming a Director, please contact the REACH Limited Regional Manager, Traci Finch – please refer to the Contact Page for contact details. Please see the links below for further information: 

A Guide to Director IDs

New to a board or committee fact sheet

Application for a director identification number

Position descriptions and information on Sub-Committees for REACH Limited:

The Board meet once a month with the Regional Manager and the Assistant Manager to discuss organisational business. A review of Board operations and skills analysis is carried out every two years. The members of the Board participate in regular Board training sessions, when available, to assist them in providing ongoing excellence in their governance of the organisation.

The Board of REACH Limited meets or exceeds all governance requirements set out by relevant state legislation under the Housing Act 2003 and the National Regulatory System for Community Housing.

The Board of REACH Limited and the staff comply with all relevant Queensland Health COVID-19 regulations. Please see below the current COVID Board and staff policies: 

POL-60 COVID-19 Employee Policy

POL-61 COVID-19 Board Policy

  • North & South Rockhampton
  • Gracemere
  • Yeppoon
  • Mount Morgan

REACH Limited currently manages 116 properties covering the following areas.

Any contact with the Board of Directors or expressions of interests in applying for a directorship, are made through the REACH Limited Regional Manager, Traci Finch. Please utilise the General Enquiries page of this website to make contact.

On the 24th November 2020, REACH Limited held it’s Annual General Meeting, at 166 Quay Street, Rockhampton. At this meeting, the Chairperson, Gerald Victor tendered his resignation from the position of Director. A commemorative plaque was presented to Gerald in appreciation of his 15 years of service, 12 of which holding the position of Chair.